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I am not very fond of experimenting with medications, so when my doctor prescribed Levitra 20mg, I stuck with it and have never tried Viagra or Cialis. I take one pill about an hour before having sex with my wife and this pill is enough to keep me hard while we are having sex. I am well aware of the possible side effects, which is why I insisted on full examination before I started taking Levitra 20mg, but my doctor assured me that I was fit to take it and asked me to inform him if I get headaches or flushing. So far, I have seen no side effects at all, so I am extremely happy with the pills!  
Colin Pallas
For more than six months, I have been on generic Vardenafil 20mg and could not be more satisfied! The price is right, the pills are working and I am able to have a great sex again!
Alex Majeer
The reason my doctor prescribed Sildenafil 100mg (Viagra 100 mg) was that I have hypertension and from the three available ED pills, this was the only one that has proven to work for men that suffer from high blood pressure. It also does not interact with my hypertension meds, so I can take a pill every time I am about to have sex and don't have to worry about bad reactions. A friend of mine told me all about the generic Vardenafil 20mg pills that are sold online and according to him they work great and cost less. I am still hesitant about buying the generics, but the more online articles and material I read, the more convinced I am that they are perfectly safe and just as powerful as the brand name pills.
Brad Hallroad
Most men that suffer from impotence would never consider themselves lucky, but I am one of them and I hold exactly the opposite view – sure, nobody wants to suffer from ED, but luckily for all of us, great medications like Levitra 20mg help us all get hard and have sex. Only a few short years ago, the treatment options were far more limited and to be honest some of them downright scary – I would take the Levitra 20mg tablets any day, but you would have a hard time making me inject my penis or use penis pumps!
William Krall

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